Christmas Tale at “MERCI” Paris

Known for its sharp selection of creators (fashion, design, decoration), the Parisian concept store Merci couldn’t approach the Christmas theme but with an offset angle … By bringing Espace Nord-Ouest Antiques and Beau & Bien to a fantastic installation, a focus on surprise and a plunge into a magical world.

Christmas Tale at Merci Paris

The entrance hall of the concept store stretches over 2 levels and plays with the height of the stairwell to give a factual dimension to this XXL space. Since late November, this wall is dressed theatrically with 12 19thC wooden window frames digged out and installed by Espace nord-Ouest Antiques. Each of them is associated with a mirror that reflects the Versailles chandelier composed of a multitude of individual porcelain candlesticks from Limoges (creation Beau & Bien, French manufacturer of innovative luminaire). This installation intertwines past times and contemporary design which creates an atmosphere that is both poetic and fantastic.

mirrors and Chandelier Installation
Espace Nord Ouest & Beau & Bien
A Fantastic Installation

Mirrors should reflect a bit more before throwing back images …
As Jean Cocteau made us think so comically, everyone who is caught up in the game of the reflected image to let his imagination wander in a dream world seems absurd, references in the past … A surprising invitation to let us embark with unconsciousness in the magic of Perrault’s tales where everyone returns to his part of childhood … and if you believe to cross Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast or Donkey Skin let the magic happen … It’s a gift that needs no thanking.

An artistic and decorative appointment that feels good.
On show until January 6, 2015

MERCI : 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris –

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